From smalls groups to youth groups, and Vacation Bible School to a plethora of volunteer opportunities, there are ways for all members of your family to get involved in the St. Andrew’s Community. Please read on for more details about the offerings we provide, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

How to Join St. Andrew's

Families and individuals interested in joining St. Andrew’s are invited to join on the first Sunday of each month, and then participate in the St. Andrew’s Growth Track. The Growth Track guides new members to discover their identities as a Child of God and live the life God created for them. The Growth Track is made up of four steps that equip new members to 1) connect to the church 2) understand their role as a Child of God, 3) discover the strengths of their purposeful design, and 4) use their God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

There is no required order to take the classes, except that stepFOUR needs to come after you have attended stepONE through stepTHREE. If you plan to join St. Andrew’s on the first Sunday, please let us know at

stepONE – Story.

Hear the story of St. Andrew’s, why we were founded and where we are going, and share a little of your own. Step One takes place the first Sunday of every month.

stepTWO – Instill Identity/Find Freedom

Discover your place as a Son or Daughter of God and find freedom from those things that seek to tell you otherwise. Step Two takes place the second Sunday of every month.

stepTHREE – Discover Purpose

Dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. Step Three takes place the third Sunday of every month.

stepFOUR – Join St. Andrew’s Army

Connect to the opportunities available at St. Andrew’s to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts. Step Four takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.

(an invitation to join St. Andrew’s will be presented during both worship services on the first Sunday of the month)

Kids at St. Andrew's

There are a lot of ways kids can get involved at St. Andrew’s – and not just by attending Sunday School on Sunday mornings! We have monthly missions to inspire a giving heart, and frequently have special events!

Kid’s Choir: Wednesdays, at 4:15pm in the Sanctuary.

Vacation Bible School, July 15-19, 2019: Please save the date! Registration will take place later this spring. If you are a parent interested in volunteering at VBS, please contact us.

To receive the Kid’s Ministry Newsletter, please email

P.F.G. (People for God)

P.F.G. Sunday Nights

Lower P.F.G. (Middle School), 5:00-6:00pm. Meet in the parking lot between the Gym and Fellowship Hall.

P.F.G. Dinner, 6:00-6:30pm. Meet in Fellowship Hall.

Upper P.F.G. (High School), 6:30-8:00pm. Meet in Fellowship Hall.

During the Week

Youth Praise Team: Wednesdays, at 4:15pm in the Council Room.

Summer 2019 Service Project: June 16-23

Sign-ups have begun! If you’re interested in joining us for our Youth Service Project, please contact for more details.

To receive the P.F.G. Youth Ministry Newsletter, please email

Join a Small Group Today!

Women’s Groups

Crafty Christians, Mondays, 10a.m.-12p.m. (Church Parlor)
– Led by Sharon Aloy

Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted, Tuesdays, 1p.m.-2:30p.m. (Church Parlor)
– Led by Elizabeth Eades & Renee Barker

Women’s Divorce Group, Tuesdays, 6-8p.m. (Church Parlor; nursery provided)
– Led by Janet Boswell & Sarah Trager

Women at the Well, Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. (Church Parlor)
– Led by Ginna Crocker, Janet Boswell, Maranda Kirk

• Messy People, Wednesdays 6:30p.m.-8:00p.m. (T.B.D.)
– Led by Courtenay Euton & Stacy Phillippe

• United Methodist Women: The principles of the United Methodist Women’s group are to know God, develop a supportive fellowship, and champion participation in the global ministries of the church. General meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month.

Men’s Groups

• Men’s Life, Tuesdays, 7:00a.m. (Fellowship Hall)
– Led by Troy Dunn

• Whiskey and the Word, Tuesdays, 8:00p.m. (Fellowship Hall)
– Led by John Kirk

• Whiskey and the Word, Wednesdays, 6:30a.m. (Taco Vallarta at 8234 Broadway)
– Led by Seth Bell and John Cooley

Adult Groups

The Queen You Thought You Knew…The Book of Esther, Wednesdays, 12:00p.m.-1:00pm (Narthex)
– Led by Troy Dunn | Note: lunch provided. Call the church for reservations by Mondays at Noon, to ensure meal will be provided for you.

• Thursday Lunch Bunch, Thursdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. (Council Room)
– Led by Virginia Alford & Sharon Aloy

Adult & Student Groups

• Dads&Kids4Christ, (2nd-5th graders and their dads) Wednesdays, 7:00a.m. (Fellowship Hall)
– Led by Ben Swaney

Join St. Andrew's, join the St. Andrew's Army

In stepFOUR of the St. Andrew’s Growth Track, new members will learn about the different ways they can get involved on our campus. Maybe you’re a new member trying to remember all the different ways you can get involved, or maybe you’ve been a member for years and looking for new ways to dive in. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

St. Andrew’s Army Units are comprised of several teams that work together to help our campus continue to be a fun and safe place to be.

Weekend Services: teams that assist in making weekend services an excellent experience.

  • Campus Host Team
  • Greeter Team
  • Parking Team
  • Production Team
  • Usher Team
  • Worship Team

The Officer’s Club: teams that assist other Army teams by providing moral (and often, breakfast!) support.

  • Army Check-In Team
  • Army Host Team

Next Generation: teams that are comprised of volunteers who wish to help with the special needs community members, kids, and youth.

  • Heroes Team
  • Kids and Families Team
  • Students-P.F.G. Team

Connection: teams that are focused on creating meaningful experiences between St. Andrew’s community members.

  • Ambassador Team
  • Care Team
  • Outreach Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Voice Team

Behind the Scenes: teams that are responsible for keeping our campus running smoothly, safe, and organized.

  • A-Team
  • Campus Support Team
  • Events Team
  • Legacy Team
  • M.A.S.H. (Medic) Team
  • MPs (Security) Team
  • Resource Team
  • Set-up/Take-down Team